Escalator   kids wonder

One city that will stay close to my heart for a lifetime is the city of Chennai. It has given me memories and experiences some of which I will cherish for a very long time. Although I went to Chennai with the intent of being trained to be researcher, the city taught me many more things. From financial management to disaster management, Chennai gave me some extra coaching.

What I am about to tell you is a small incident that I witnessed in Chennai. It is something that we might just shrug off, but somehow it stayed in my heart.

On one of the extended weekends, I was heading home from Chennai. As I got off the suburban train and made my way to the central railway station, I saw a little boy and his excitement about life. As I followed the crowd that waited to get on the escalator, I heard him shout in excitement “Look Dad, the stairs are moving! We don’t have to climb them, they’ll do it for us!” He kept repeating it as he stood on the escalator, amazed at the way it worked.

I stood behind the kid and wondered about the little joys that we have in life. Remember the day you stepped in an elevator for the first time? Or used a smartphone or a social network? Didn’t we all have that excitement in us? Over time, with progressive acquaintance, we tend to lose that sense of wonder. We get bored of it. The same things that once filled us with excitement turns out to be regular and unexciting. That is why it is important that we absorb things slowly in life. That will help us sustain the sense of wonder. When such exciting things come our way, let us relish it, for these are the little joys of life – the spice in our savory!

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