A mini forest in an urban jungle

Behind the scenes with Talk To A Scientist


The Wire Science

Is the Universe different in different directions?
Scientists appeal to MK Stalin to not close India-based Neutrino Observatory
What assistive technologies can do to make STEM more inclusive
1 in 15 lost pregnancies in South Asia is due to air pollution, study finds
Science with borders: Will the new virtual conf guidelines hamper collaborations? (Co-authored with Vasudevan Mukunth)

The Print

Indian study learns how brain handles sudden distractions, could help create mental health tools

Money and mental health in Indian academia
Malaria Control System: a digitised surveillance system to bolster the fight against malaria


The Wire Science
The journey of black-eared kites into the Indian subcontinent, unraveled
With a trickle of COVID-19 reinfections in India + Worldwide, where’s the science?
Suicides among doctors were too common in India. Then the pandemic came.
Tests used by BMC in Mumbai had many false negatives. Don’t be surprised.

The Wire

COVID-19 and mental health: suicidal tendencies and self-harm on the rise

A new study explains how the human brain recognizes jumbled words
A new study explains how the tuberculosis bacteria activates HIV

Research Matters
Using viruses to kill Tuberculosis bacteria

Homecoming: Biochemistry alumni who returned to the Institute



A low-cost paper-and-plastic device to detect tuberculosis

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